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The nice guy that you sit behind in almost all of your classes. He is impossibly tall and hot, and what most girls would call the perfect guy. He treats you like a queen, and laughs at all of your jokes, even when they aren't funny at all. He has enough humour to make a room full off people roll around laughing. He's smart, but not so smart that you feel dumb compared to him. He's the one that any girl would be lucky to have.
Friend: Omg, I heard you and Ely were a thing now!
You: Oh, yeah, do you think we're a good match?
Friend: He's Ely, he's a good match for anyone! Yes, of course, I'm so happy for you!
You: Aw, thank you so much!
by Disappointmxnt February 17, 2019
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Ely is the sweetest, sexiest, nicest boy you will meet. Most boys with the name ely spell it eli but the eroupeans spell it ely. Elys will usually have a large dick and be great in the bedroom. Elys have amazing eyes and a great personality. Of you ever have a chance to have sex with or kiss a ely do it because they are amazing at both. Elys often have a uncut penis because they are European but this just makes them even more attractive. Elys are extremely sweet and make girls feel like they are on top if the world. You will fall in love with elys extreamlh easily. They add amazing in everyday and if you ever need a ely enjoy every second you have with them.
"He looked me in the eyes and I knew he was for me"
"oh he must be ely"
by Boylover May 01, 2012
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The most amazing, beautiful, and incredible girl in the world. No one can compare, but she's taken! (see max)
Ely is a unique and beautiful snowflake.
by Max September 23, 2004
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1.someone from a rough area or ghetto
2.somebody whos hard or bad
1.he comes from a slum in london
2.he just got kicked out of class
he's so ely
by jn95 May 01, 2008
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An amazing ginger who is super cool and funny !
She also laughs randomly and her butt always vibrates.
by PSEUDONYMNMNM June 04, 2011
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a known hoe ; does sexual activities in exchange for anything ; a pussy ass bitch that likes to act bold on occasion; lets her friends control her ; needs to be beat up
by Your girl March 14, 2017
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