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1. (n.) an insanely destructive and/or deadly display of physical attractiveness. Formed by combining 'sepulcher' and 'pulchritude.'

Variant: sepulchritudinous (adj.)
In an act of supreme sepulchritude, he blinded his adversaries with a flash of his pearly whites. Across the world orthodontists wept with joy that such sublime teeth might usher in an era of peace.
by vozbox July 25, 2010

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perhaps the most ironic word in the English language. Few would guess that this awkward jumbling together of hard consonants means "physically attractive." Anyone, whether or not they know its meaning, ought to feel offended, and possibly violated, when likened to this unequivocally ugly word or any of its variants. An exception would be sepulchritude, which refers to a supremely destructive display of physical comeliness. Pulling off an act of sepulchritude is really awesome.
James, if you make reference to my so-called 'pulchritude' again, however flattering your intentions, I will be forced to castrate you with this spork.
by vozbox July 24, 2010

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