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A 'prostitute-toddler'. More specifically, pre-teen girls who dress in skimpy, revealing outfits. Most commonly, they are found roaming their natural habitat: all-age raves. See also: P-tot
Jon: "Did you see the ptot cuddle-puddle over there?"

Wally: "Hell yeah bro, I'm all in."
by $weet $weet Puddin July 22, 2008
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a ptot is an under aged girl who goes to raves and dresses like a prostitute. ptots will often be found wearing a bikini top, hot pants and ripped fishnets. a ptot prostitute toddler is a disgrace to the rave scene and are often frowned upon by true ravers.
to call someone a ptot is to call an under aged raver girl a prostitute
by PlurKandiRaverWuvsYew January 06, 2012
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Most commonly found at raves. Dress super slutty. Usually under age girls. Commonly found on drugs and hooking up with older men at raves. Reason why some raves get shut down. Also known as wanna bee's
"Did you see that PTOT over there" "Yeah, she's gross she needs to go back to practice putting on make up or go play with her dolls"
by PTOT February 05, 2010
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The abbreviated form of prostitot.
Damn! That p-tot be skanky...
Don't mess with that p-tot, she'll take your money...

Person1- See that girl over there
Person2- The girl with the stinky cooch?
Person1- Yeah she be a p-tot
by Bradley Hansen October 02, 2005
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13 year sluts at raves; rolling ballz and dressing sluttly; usually dtf "down to get fingered"
dam i just split a pill with a ptot


i fingered the shit out of the ptot... dank shit
by rave is king November 30, 2010
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the very best of friends. often called life partners although this simply refers to their promise to stay best friends forever. a person can only have one official pTOT, but sometimes, under certain circumstances, 3TOT exceptions can be made. there can also be 3NOT, which is a group containing the two pTOTs and one cheetah sister....

sometimes jealousy will result in rival "tatertot" groups, but these groups always fall apart because they were not built on the basis of true friendship.
Julia is my pTOT.
by chhharrrrrr May 12, 2010
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