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A super high guy. Sometimes can mean a gay person.
Whats up, Tatertot?

Dude, that guy is a total Tatertot.
by tom tom tom October 18, 2006
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A pair of scrumptuous and well rounded titties.
Dang, look at that hot lady over there, she has some wonderful tater tots!
by Piranha June 26, 2006
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Circular-ish, Round-ish, Oval-ish hasbrowns.
Yummie .
asdugfrsdoagha8epdogh Tater Tots
by WhoMe.?! June 29, 2010
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Often referring to a small crusty bitch. who is slow paced and shaped like fried potato snack
Look at tater tot over there being useless again
by Sammi cowski May 04, 2017
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A term to describe someone who is neither gay or straight, but simply who just wants sex, no matter the gender.
I'm not gay or straight i am just a tater tot.
I am a tater tot, because i will go to whoever's mouth is open.
by Ladashacaprisha January 18, 2017
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Tater Tots: noun. A traditional American frozen food, supposedly made of potatoes, nicknamed Taters. Tater tots are basically fried minced potato in a tiny cylinder form, and then frozen, bought at the store, and baked in an oven. :)
I had tater tot casserole for dinner last night. I love it! XD
by Flikety April 11, 2012
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A term used in tennis when one mistakenly hits a ball that is going out.
I was sure I had that point lost, but my opponent saved me by tater totting it into the net.
by King of the thugs February 28, 2012
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