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A boy that you hang out and hook up with often and you do everything that a couple does, minus the romance and the title to define your relationship. It's an awkward situation because you will eventually have to "break up" even though you were never really dating. See friends with benefits
Friend 1: "So what's goin on with you too?"
Friend 2: "Well, we hang out all the time, hook up, and he gets jealous if I see other guys, but he's just my psuedo boyfriend. We're definitely not dating."
by L love August 11, 2005

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an expression yelled in a flirty way at a cute boy or girl.
"HEY!!! You're hot!!!
by L love July 19, 2005

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when someone isn't cute because if they were cute, they'd be hey
"Yo, that guy grinding you is not hey!"
by L love July 19, 2005

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an annoying boy that is wastin your flava
God, don't be such a poopboy!
by L love August 06, 2005

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The female equivalent of free balling aka not wearing a bra.
"I forgot to pack my bra so today I'm free falling."
by L Love January 01, 2006

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