The science of information and its effects upon timespace, as opposed to physics, which deals only with the effects of matter and energy.

Information, the third property of the quantum waves that also define matter and energy, defines physical and temporal structures within time and space. Any waveform has 3 properties: amplitude, frequency, and harmonics, or timbre. Amplitude corresponds to the energy of the wave; the higher the amplitude, the greater the energy. Frequency corresponds to the mass of the wave; low-frequency EM radiation is said to be wave-like (exhibiting energy-like behaviour) and high-frequency radiation is said to be particle-like (exhibiting mass-like behaviour). When the frequency of an EM wave becomes so high that its wavelength (the reciprocal of the frequency) is less than the universal quantum length constant /h, (also known as the Planck-Wheeler length), it becomes a boson, or elemental particle of matter. Amplitude and frequency are qualitative measures; that is, they can be measured as a quantity on a numerical scale.

Information, on the other hand, is qualitative; that is, it can be defined only in terms of the relationship between values as in a mathematical formula or equation. An example of extracting the information component of a wave is a Fourier equation, by which the wave can be dissected into its multiple frequency/amplitude sine wave components. This equation thus represents the harmonic, or informational, component of the wave. For this reason, information cannot, in and of itself, be detected and measured by instruments, but only computed theoretically. Nonetheless, information has a profound effect upon matter and energy, and is the basis of all life.

For example, carbon atoms may form simple structures, such as graphite and diamond, to complex structures, such as carbohydrates and DNA. The factor that gives rise to the formation of complex structures such as DNA, is the information component of the subatomic particles making up the atom in question. This why some carbon atoms have only formed diamond or carbon dioxide, while other carbon atoms have formed living creatures.

Psionics is therefore the science of how information gives rise to such phenomena as life and mind and their effects upon the universe. A corollary ability gained from the study of psionics is the ability to use the information contained within the mind, to actively perceive and affect the state of the Universe.

This ability appears to those who are not familiar with psionics to be "supernatural", "psychic", or "magic" in nature. Such phenomena as telepathy, telekinesis, astral travel, astral projection, fire-raising, and necromancy are all abilities that a purely technological science cannot establish, and therefore must dismiss. However, these abilities, and many others, can and do exist within a framework of science that takes into account the existence of information as a discrete property of the Universe, as well as energy and matter.

Psionics is that framework. The "psychic" abilities noted above can be achieved only when the student has embraced the understanding and knowledge of matter, energy and information, and the relationships between them, contained within the disciplines of psionics as a science.

Since most humans either dismiss the existence of psionics, or covet only the "psychic" abilities without any comprehension of the physical and mathematical principles by which they operate, they manifest little or no capacity in this regard.
Psionics is NOT merely the study of psychic phenomena. It is the true science of information and its application by living things in affecting their environments.
by Mystikan July 2, 2004
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Psionicism is an intellectual movement and spiritual movement that advocates the unlocking of the psionic abilities of people, or by spiritual ways or by technology, but usually by technology. Psionicism advocates it is hard to study about psionics and psychics because majority of the humans have those abilities blocked and just by technology for unblock those abilities.
"A lot of people tells that psionicism is opposed to transhumanism, but actually not, psionicism is actually more for a "technopsionicism" or even to a "psiontranshumanism" than to a thing related only to classical psionicism and similars."

"Even a lot of people thinks psionics are a fraud, psionicism supporters advocates when psionic technology, like psiontechnology, started to be developed, the frauds about psionics are going to end."

"Psionicism, Extraphysicism and Divinialism are actually part of Transhumanism, even both three do not looking to be transhumanist currents."
by Full Monteirism January 2, 2021
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Psionicism is an intellectual movement that is about the unlocking of the human conscience and turning humans multidimensional beings, by non-physics and psiontechnology, that is a kind of technology which works in energetic units, besides psionicism supports the total dominance of non-physics and the spiritualization and awakening of society, psionicism is also refered to a step after psionic-vibrationalism.
Psionicism is a quite popular movement in the fourth industrial revolution, for show that there is an alternative path in science and technology.
by Nazpsi March 12, 2019
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Psionicism-Extraphysicism, shortened as PsiExp and also referred as psionextraphysicism, is a synthesis ideology that unites psionicism with extraphysicism, it's psionicism with extraphysicist praxis, it seeks on the development of extraphysicism in order to unlock the psionic/psychic abilities of everyone and at the same time reaching an extraphysical society by psionicism. Psionicism-extraphysicism is considered as the union of psionicism and extraphysicism in one ideology for being similar and having similar goals, seeking to unite both similarities and goals in one ideology, such as unblocking the psionic/psychic abilities of people and becoming extraphysical at the same time.
"Psionicism-Extraphysicism is interesting and should be more developed, mainly to unite psionics with extraphysics and even improve the whole psionic thing and turning people into psionic ones by extraphysics."
by Full Monteirism May 11, 2021
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National-Psionicism (Nazpsi) is a political and intelectual movement that mixes the concepts of nationalism and national-bolshevism with psionicism and psionic-vibrationalism, supporting a nationalist and militarized state focused on the spiritualization, awakening and improving the human condition by non-physics and psiontechnology, also the national-psionicism supports a high spiritualized and militarized society.
On national-psionicism all people must be awakened and spiritualized.
by Nazpsi March 12, 2019
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The Psionic Party is a political party based on the ideas of psionic-vibrationalism and psionicism, and its main goal is spread psionic-vibrationalism and psionicism all around the world, besides create a psionic-vibrationalist society and turn humans multidimensional beings (entities).
The Psionic Party was originally created in Brazil as opposition to The Transhumanist Party, and the Psionic Party is quite interesting because it is shows that an alternative society is possible.
by Nazpsi March 12, 2019
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Psionic-Vibrationalism is an intellectual movement and a technological doctrine that wants to improve human condition by non-physics, spiritualism and extraphysics, turning humans multidimensional beings. Psionic-vibrationalism also supports improve the spiritual and energetic conditions of humans.
Psionic-vibrationalism is a quite popular movement in Brazil.
by Nazpsi March 12, 2019
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