Stands for Pimp Squad Clique, includes Southern rap artists such as TI
PSC ftw n****, holdin it down round here, hookin you up
by nVidia July 29, 2006
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psc from russian word PiSdeC (exampl. we R in deep shit - pisdec) Also known underground rapper gang. PSC . They don't fear of anybody. They R not clowns, they R soljaaaz
Oh no!!! there R guys from PSC!!! Run 4 your lifes.... (sounds of 9mm gun and screams)
by stienis & t-killa April 3, 2004
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A wonderful online community forum that is part of the Post Secret site. PSC stands for PostSecret Community and it is a welcoming forum that can help people through life's challenges.
Person 1: "Did you see what Ann posted on PSC?"
Person 2: "No I didn't but I will totally check it out. What thread?"
Person 1: "Secrets and Stories"
by ILikeBottledWater55 July 6, 2009
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Pretty Swag Crew;

A numerous group of girls that stick together in parties and in tough situations, They have each others backs and first it's chicks before dicks. The crew was originally made in miami, florida.

They drink, party and know how to have fun at anytime or given place.

They also promote many parties..
"PSC" is riding out tonight to the party.

Look at the "PCS" girls !

"PSC" is going to have a party.

Look for the "PSC" girls on facebook dude !
by PSC Member December 24, 2010
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Me: Damn Nicole and CRT are having a PSC in the CRT Voice Chat

Racing: Yeah bro shes getting CRT for sure.
by ooferson420 July 23, 2020
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A nickname for post secret used by the users of the post secret chat boards.
by BinkSays December 17, 2008
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Pimp Slappin Consultant: One you outsource your pimp-slappin to so as not to sully your good name or your fly clothes.
Quit actin' like a jackass or I'm gonna call me in a PSC so I don't have to dirty myself up....

Bitch, I'm gonna call in the Intergalactic PSC on your crazy ass...
by Plantersville, Texas April 26, 2005
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