1. A person that won't do anything sexual with someone of the opposite attraction due to high standards or personal values, usually a derogatory term.
2. A person that is unsuccessful with someone of the opposite attraction, also derogatory.
1. She said she wouldn't give me head cause it was demeaning to women. What a prude!
2. Look at what a prude he is! He couldn't even get a whore in bed!
by Guiseppesmurf July 10, 2008
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Typically an attractive, successful conservative with a University education and a career path planned out. They might dress provocative(classy) at work, in public or a night out on the town but not to be misled thinking they are looking for sex. They want to be 'noticed' and respected for being an attractive lady. They might hope to grab the attentions of a respectable gentleman who won't try to sleep with them but rather entertain them and make them enjoy their night out.

Prudes compromise the vast majority of normal younger working ladies in a city enivornment. Being a prudent person is considered a compliment or 'higher ideal' to them rather than an insult as some losers out there try but fail to imply. Prudes can be vehemently opposed to 'getting laid' or just laugh at the girls who do get laid like 'stupid, will they ever learn?'
A girl asks another girl in the office, 'So Jennifer did you get laid again?' She just looks over smiling and proudly proclaims, 'he was wonderful and lasted all night!.' The other prude girls giggle and one whispers, 'I feel so sorry for her.'
by honestguy87110 August 16, 2009
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a girl/guy who finds sexual activities such as sex, grinding, kissing, lap dancing and other type of sexual activities gross, immoral, shameful, or just plain out weird. They also think that anyone that does this stuff is a skank, whore, slut, or prostitute
Jon: Amanda your so prude.

Amanda: I'm not prude!

Stranger Girl: hey baby i missed you

Stranger Boy: i missed you too

*stranger girl gives stranger boy a blowjob in the middle of the park*

Amanda: OMG that is so disgusting! shes in 8th grade!
shes such a whore!

Jon: hey will you do me after?

Stranger Girl: sure, your so hot i won't even charge you =

Jon: Victory!!!

Amanda: OMG! im gettin outta here
by purtyravegirl June 13, 2008
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someone who is interesting in sexual activites (kissing, sex etc.) , but is too afraid to pursue their wants. he/she is inexperienced but too afraid or shy to gain experience.
shes never hooked up before, what a prude
by tanWOman January 09, 2005
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Something that narrow-minded conservatives always deny they are before trying to ban something.
I'm not a prude, but I don't think that's appropriate.
by uncle whippity January 16, 2004
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Someone so scared of their own sexuality, or of being considered a pervert for common sexual activities, that people are prompted to consider them to have no sexual orientation.

Any person who is interested romantically in members of the opposite/same sex, but feels that sex or sexual activities,including dating, are a waste of time and money.
by Montezuma999 June 20, 2003
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