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In Magic:The Gathering, to not draw enough lands or mana producers, like black lotus, to play spells and win the game.
"Man, I got so manascrewed in that last game against Kai Budde. I should put a few more forests in here."
by Montezuma999 May 28, 2003
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Someone so scared of their own sexuality, or of being considered a pervert for common sexual activities, that people are prompted to consider them to have no sexual orientation.

Any person who is interested romantically in members of the opposite/same sex, but feels that sex or sexual activities,including dating, are a waste of time and money.
by Montezuma999 June 20, 2003
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Sensible by any of the 5 human senses, or by intuition, also known as the 6th sense. An intense feeling.
The hatred was palpable, hanging heavy and ugly in the air.
by Montezuma999 July 25, 2003
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Noun: A small, hollow, ink filled object which disperses said ink onto various writing mediums, like paper, cocktail napkins, or anything suitably porous.
Hand me that pen, I need to jot down a phone number.
by Montezuma999 July 25, 2003
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Supporting character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Gandalf is a wizard who "dies" in the first book but comes back in The 2 Towers. He helps Frodo, a hobbit, bring the one ring to Mordor, where it can be destroyed to save Middle Earth.
Gandalf is to Mage as Frodo is to Hobbit.
by Montezuma999 May 28, 2003
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a protogoth band from the 80's, they had a sound way ahead of their time. Famous for songs like hollow hills or Bela Logusi's dead, their music is very slow at times, and reminds one of wind, cold as death, whistling through the autumn leaves on the trees, a stagnant mist hanging low on the ground. At least, that's what I get out of it. Bauhaus is named after the german school of design, who was obsessed with efficency. For instance, they abolished the capital letters, because moving your finger over to the shift key took too much time.
"Dude, did you get the new bauhaus CD?"

"Um, they've been broken up for like 20 years, dipshit."
by Montezuma999 June 20, 2003
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1. The termination of a developing Embryo or fetus, egal in most states up until the 2nd trimester.

2.A good thing. Even if the woman has consensual sex and takes no precautions, it is still up to her wether or not to abort the pregnancy. It is still her right, even if the choice is made for the most asinine reason imaginable, for instance, "I don't like the way kids smell". I find it ironic that "Pro-Life"-rs have murdered hundreds of doctors who preform abortions. Also, what about other forms of contraception? If by wearing a condom or taking the pill a couple prevents a pregnancy from occuring, is that the same as an abortion? Why would it be any different? It would only be the elimination of another possible human life, right? Or do you only care about life of any kind, for instance, the millions of skin cells scraped off every day by normal scratching, for example? If that's the case, than anyone who has ever had a rash or skin irritation is a serial killer. All I want is a little consistincey, that's all.
"I was pregnant. I did not wish to be. I had an abortion. I am happier for it. Is that a problem?
by Montezuma999 July 07, 2003
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