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When you mentally have to go poopie, but you can't physically go poopie.
I gotta go pooooooooopie!!!!!!!
by Screw u bitch August 06, 2004

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Hmmmm...it seems all of you assholes that are saying that Bowling For Soup "sucks"..hmm all you're seeming to diss at is "1985" which isn't a great song....what about the songs on "Drunk Enough To Dance"? oh what? never heard of it? just listened to one song, eh?
stupid-o's ahaha lol
by screw u bitch December 01, 2004

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something human beings have trouble with......trust? what human can you trust....?
i cannot trust anyone...isnt friendship/friends about trust? well then in that case, i have no real friends....
by screw u bitch November 12, 2004

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if Sum 41 was a punk band, they wouldn't have a song that goes "Rock! It's what we're all about! It's what we live for! C'mon shout it out!" stupidos
Nevertheless am i dressed for the ocasion
It's number 32 now here's the situation
if the beat moves ya feet then
dont change the station
pack ya bagz cuz we leavin on a perminent vacation
well im a disaster
a microphone master
its time to rock ya ghetto-blaster
its not about the cars, money, hotels, or resorts
bout sweatin all the bitches in the biker shorts
and im dave brownsound can ya see me runnin late
imma make ya girlie feel great
by Screw u bitch August 09, 2004

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A used-to-be-good-punk-rock band but went gay around 2003 when they decided to try to become Emo faggots. now all they give a shit about is money. they're just sell-outs now. they're new album is shit. everything else they have besides 'American Idiot' is good though.
I walk alone, I walk alone..cuz im trying to be a depressed emo faggot...ahhh..ahhh i walk alone i walk alone....
by screw u bitch August 07, 2005

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horrible movie. the perfect sleeping pill. it's an innsominac's dream come true!
mannn, its so late but im not tired...oh i know! ill put napolean dynamite on!
by screw u bitch March 13, 2005

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Basically, no sex before marriage.
save that virginity, boys and girls ;-)
by screw u bitch May 04, 2005

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