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Someone who uses wikipedia for anything and everything.
Instead of using mental power, they use wp "insert here" in mozilla.
"Hey evan what are you eating with"
wp kitchen utensils
"Ohh.. its a fork"
"You internet faggot."
by Kenny Norton September 30, 2006
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Someone who relies on the internet for knowlege. If they don't know what something is, instead of asking you they go to, search it, read some random crap then (usualy) act like an expert on it. They always count on other people's experiences rather than their own. This disgusting behavior usualy occurs over AIM because that's the easiest time to search for things on Without the internet they would be nothing.
me: the abrams tank kicks ass. so does the ak47. its a powerful mofo and pwnts newbs

Gaydes: The M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank has a AGT-1500 turbine engine with a 120mm M256 Smooth Bore Cannon.
The Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 shoots a 7.62 × 39 mm cartridge and has a barrel length of 415 mm.

me: you fucking internet faggot you are so fucking gay.
by Peetars August 25, 2006
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An incredibly annoying nuncance and pest.Internet faggots include: Yaoi fangirls(This is one of the most annoying, they pair up straight anime etc characters who odviously like a female character and are NOT gay HOWEVER they would like to belive that those characters are ''soo gay for each other''and these fangirls have many delusions and are total bitches),bronysbrawnies(these are strange annoying boys who are imature and do not act their age.They like the show ''my little pony'' which is sad because that show is meant for 4-6 year old little girls not teenage boys or in other words retards,and this would not be a problem if they (and yaoi fangirls also) didnt spead their crap all over youtube,devaintART and facebook.),Beiber fans(slightly less annoying then the last,these stupid boys and girls sadly like justin beiber who sings terrible sounding music.They scream about how they adore him and it is very irritating to the ear,unfortuneatly they exist outside of the internet,in say your classsroom and irritate you even there),wannabes(annoying people who try to be cool over the internet),twilight fans(sickening creatures who fight over celebrities and make too much noise),trolls(dickheads),faggots in general etc
Internet Faggot:

yaoi fangirl: 'omg sora is soo gay for riku!'
me:'UM NO JUST NO sora likes kairi(lucky charm and everything,the cave, its odvious!) ,disney would nerver allow it and square and disney have never had a gay character and have always had a boy fall in love with a girl,dream on, faggot.

brony:i love pinky pie!
me:YOU FUCKING RETARDED FAGGOT(im a girl and i never liked my little pony WTF what a fag)

beiber fangirl:'oh i love u justin!'

WANNABE:'hehe yea LOLZ ur so awesome Cool story bro? haha nice lolz can i join?'
me:FAG piss off an make me a samwich

twilight fan 1: no jacob!
twilight fan 2:no edward bitch!
me:Faggots =_=

trolls: no u can have my mmd model fuck you!

faggots in general:
=_= piss off!
by EvalKAT768 October 23, 2011
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