A phrase used to get self-professed geniuses to believe anything.
Let's circulate rumours saying it's been scientifically proven that bobbittizing one's self leads to better sex.
by ragamuffin318 November 1, 2009
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Clinically proven may mean virtually anything... including nothing. A "clinically proven" statement in advertising is an effective sales pitch, usually a vague claim that requires no hard evidence and isn't easy to disprove. As long as the mandatory "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (...)" disclaimer is on the label, it's not necessary to have competent and reliable scientific evidence to back it up.

When used along a sensible diet and exercise program, our new eggplant extract is clinically proven to promote weight loss!
by Flixxx November 27, 2007
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We are lying about the effectiveness of this product
Product "y" is clinically proven to be better than "x".
by regawsnor August 2, 2016
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A statement that's 100% true no matter what anyone else says. Ever. Unlike the misleading title, there is no need for actual PROVEN facts. Often used in situations where couples fight over who loves each other more.
It is a proven fact that Olivia loves Amanda more.

Olivia: "It is a proven fact that I love you more"
Amanda: "Prove it!"
Olivia: "I don't need to."
by always damn right November 19, 2009
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A woman who, by virtue of having a baby with her, or is undeniably pregnant, has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is not a virgin. She has put out. At least once.
James: How bout that girl over there?

Greg: Naw, man, she's pushing a stroller.

James: C'mon! That just means she's a proven performer!
by Bructus January 21, 2011
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When some kid thinks Russell Westbrook is clutch but they need a smack down.
Daultonbrown got proven wrong because he believed 39% FG was clutch😂.
by Daboween January 6, 2017
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Proven Winner – Also refered to as a PW (pee-duyb) is an individual of known prominence in a broad and vast variety of things. Said individual needs not show merit for things because of previous accomplishments. He or she simply states, “Proven Winner,” and everyone understands his or her brilliance. This radiance also tends to have a magnetic effect on members of the opposite sex.

An example of a PW is someone who wakes up each morning knowing he or she is destined for something remarkable. This individual will use great dexterity to handle a situation with astounding success.
“Wow, I can’t believe we have to go against John and Steve in the tourney. Those guys are Proven Winners; we might as well just go home!”

“He is so confident, it takes everything I have to keep from throwing myself at John. He is such a PW!”
by JKish03 March 27, 2008
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