The first sucessful creation of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily in their researching of robotics. Soon after, Wily stole much of their findings and began a campaign to rule the world. Though Megaman stands mostly in Wily's way, Protoman also lends a hand every now and then when his 'brother' is in trouble.

Protoman is known for his dark sunglasses and yellow scarf. He also announces his presence by whistling his theme song. An imperfection in his neural network was later discovered by Dr. Light that gave Protoman a unique free will, but it would also run down his systems and cause irreparable damage over time. Protoman chose to leave the glitch unperfected, and lives his days how he wishes, and probably solitary.

*NOTE: Protoman's original name (in Japan) is Blues.
"Protoman come when he's needed."
by Synchro September 14, 2003
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The Number one Robot of Doctor Light in the Mega man Series. this robot is the brother of megaman.
protoman is a loner, he's very mysterious..
by Sven May 7, 2003
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protoman (aka prot0man) was a hacker famous for discovering the wuftp exploit.
protoman h4x0r3d teh g1bs0n.
by Darksnipe October 16, 2004
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A name for a person who seems to be antagonizing you, but who you later realize was helping you prepare for the inevitable.
From Megaman 3, where the character Break Man fights you multiple times, but turns out to be your brother who is helping you train for the final fight with Wily.

Common Protomen are siblings, Teachers, and Parents.
Guy: Man, that teacher is an ass!
Guy 2: You'll see, he's helping you. He's a Protoman.
by Namagem1 July 30, 2008
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The best character in the MegaMan games. Too bad Capcom never let you play as him...
ProtoMan is a lone wolf, very mysterious, has cool sunglasses, and is very unknown. In other words, he is my type of guy.
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 23, 2004
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