Checking your god damn paper for incorrect spelling and grammatical mistakes.
I should have been proofreading my paper last night instead of watching "The Office." I could have caught my wrong use of the word "There."
by Jesus = Jew February 03, 2016
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vi. or vt.
1. Something internet users in general – and multiplayer-gamers, chatroom-goers, email-senders, webboard-poster and instant-messagers in particular – lack the capacity to do (to the things they write.)
I am proofreading my report.

I dont prfread teh emials i sned so htey alwsya edn up lookign liek htis.
by Qaanol January 21, 2005
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That brief moment after you utilize toilet paper for its intended purpose when you quickly inspect the content before discarding it.
I had to proofread my shit to check for corn.
by TheMonger May 08, 2006
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Reading an email or text to check for stupid mistakes after it's been sent.
That message I just sent you should have said, "Please *don’t* go on a date with my ex-girlfriend." Good thing I post-proofread it.
by iBetty December 21, 2011
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