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When some jerk wanders by whistling Rick Astley and you are left with the song in your head.
Lady friend 1: What’s wrong? You look pissed!

Lady friend 2: I just got Rick Whistled.

Lady friend 1: Oh dear God.
by iBetty January 11, 2012
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Reading an email or text to check for stupid mistakes after it's been sent.
That message I just sent you should have said, "Please *don’t* go on a date with my ex-girlfriend." Good thing I post-proofread it.
by iBetty December 21, 2011
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Also spelled "Spewnmate".

The person that is an exact fit for spooning with you.
Friend 1: Spewnmate is the best at spooning!

Friend 2: I'm glad you found your Spoonmate!
by iBetty October 02, 2014
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The euphoric feeling one gets upon receiving five dollars or more worth of quarters from the change machine, even though they haven't gained any money.
"I love the sound that five dollars worth of quarters makes in the change machine!" -gramma

"That's because you have 'Quarterphoria'." -grandson
by iBetty December 27, 2011
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to buy as much of a desired product as one can afford with the amount of money one is carrying.
Cashier: Can I help you?
Customer: I’ll take some of those one dollar scratch-off tickets right there.
Cashier: Sure, how many would you like?
Customer: A Cowboy's Dozen (throws money on counter)
Cashier: (counts money) Soooo, seven then?
Customer: I reckon.
Cashier: Good luck!

Could also be used to exaggerate a story:
Derek: How much money did he say he won on that bet?
Jeff: A Cowboy’s $300.
Derek: Meaning?
Jeff: $200
by iBetty January 09, 2012
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Requesting inappropriate searches on an unsuspecting Google user.
Tricky Person: “Hey friend, how do you use the OK Google app? Does it have to be opened or…?”

Unsuspecting Bamgoozled Victim: “Yeah, here, try it.”

Tricky Person: “OK Google, show me a big sweaty man dick. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BAMGOOZLED!”
by iBetty October 02, 2014
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The time that you wake up after a night of staying out too late drinking.
"Hey man, I heard you were late for work today."

"Yeah, I didn’t wake up until pieceofshito'clock."
by iBetty December 05, 2011
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