n., v., adj., adv.
A word used in Virginia's 11th district with great frequency. Used by congressman Rep. William Cummings in a broadcast by The Onion News Network's O-span. Some of its various meanings include:
1. Good or very, at least in Virginia's 11th district
2. An unfortunate state of affairs
3. A writing utensil
4. A tax stimulus
5. The number three
6. Variant: Pronklem - a problem
7. Variant: Pronkrageous - outrageous
8. Variant: Pronksurd - absurd
9. In context, "Pronk of order" - out of order
10. Experience
11. Variant: Pronkspect - respect
1. "This truly 'pronking new market"
2. "Failure to keep pace with our global competitors would be very pronked"
3. "Somebody hand me a pronk"
4. "Limited tax pronks for the nanotech infrastructure"
5. "Number pronk"
6. "is that a pronklem?
7. "That is pronkrageous"
8. "That is pronksurd"
9. "you're pronk of order"
10. "How dare you question my pronk?"
11. I demand pronkspect"

Or, all together:
"It is my pronkly held belief that as Thomas Jefferson said: 'All pronks living pronkfully within this land of pronk, have the right and pronkful duty to express themselves with pronk, in whichever pronking manner such pronk pronkably pronks pronkfully pronkifies them to pronk
by TheNatMan April 17, 2008
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Means "very" or "good"

Used primarily in Virginia's 11th District - compare to Philidelphia's "Jawns"
We must adopt this pronking new technology.
by Punzo April 17, 2008
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Nickname of major league baseball player Travis Hafner. It stands for "half project, half donkey."
Hafner had initiated his run to win the All-Star vote on Monday during a news conference, when he joked that fans should "Vote Pronk," a reference to his nickname.
by Spud August 5, 2004
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A portmanteau word describing a style of music played with all the musical and lyrical complexity of progressive rock but with the energy and aggression of punk rock.
We play prog rock in a punk rock way. That makes us a Pronk Rock band"
by laikadog August 28, 2005
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pronk (pop-rock-punk)a person who likes rock, punk and some pop, wears black clothes, a person who doesn't care what people think about him, quiet, everybody's kinda afraid of them, rough.
regina:Do you know Andrew?
peter: yeah. i know him, he always wears black.
regina: oh yeah, he's a pronk
by alfersone July 25, 2005
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prOnk (prank in an english accent)

play a trick or practical joke on (someone).
"the individuals who were pronk thought they were auditioning to be a TV show host"
by mustardman September 30, 2020
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