From the word pronk, used to indicate good or very.
Pronking is a term everyone in Virginia's 11th district uses!
by Mo4567 May 13, 2008
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n., v., adj., adv.
A word used in Virginia's 11th district with great frequency. Used by congressman Rep. William Cummings in a broadcast by The Onion News Network's O-span. Some of its various meanings include:
1. Good or very, at least in Virginia's 11th district
2. An unfortunate state of affairs
3. A writing utensil
4. A tax stimulus
5. The number three
6. Variant: Pronklem - a problem
7. Variant: Pronkrageous - outrageous
8. Variant: Pronksurd - absurd
9. In context, "Pronk of order" - out of order
10. Experience
11. Variant: Pronkspect - respect
1. "This truly 'pronking new market"
2. "Failure to keep pace with our global competitors would be very pronked"
3. "Somebody hand me a pronk"
4. "Limited tax pronks for the nanotech infrastructure"
5. "Number pronk"
6. "is that a pronklem?
7. "That is pronkrageous"
8. "That is pronksurd"
9. "you're pronk of order"
10. "How dare you question my pronk?"
11. I demand pronkspect"

Or, all together:
"It is my pronkly held belief that as Thomas Jefferson said: 'All pronks living pronkfully within this land of pronk, have the right and pronkful duty to express themselves with pronk, in whichever pronking manner such pronk pronkably pronks pronkfully pronkifies them to pronk
by TheNatMan April 17, 2008
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noun | closeted hipster evangelical "christian" show pony preacher
Newspring has a stable of pronks.
by Chelebrity Wife April 16, 2018
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verb The act of watching porn, especially when you are the Pr0n King.
Gerry: 'Hey, Im horny. Imma go pronk now!'

Vivian: I didn't sleep much last night...
Clare: Me neither! All that pronking kept me up...
by Hamrette September 21, 2010
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Pronk (afrikaans); om te pronk (action). This is the action of giving, receiving and creating attention (pronk). You can do this by proudly dancing for your man, giving him all your seductive moves, hugs, kisses and touches. If you do it right your man will have all of your attention, as well as every woman's jealousy and every man's envy. To "pronk" is to give all your attention to the man you are with while indirectly winning the attention of every other person in the room. If done correctly you will have the undevided attention of every man (because they cant have you) and every female (because they are not you).
"Ek pronk, met trots net vir jou". "Dit maak my mal as jy vir my pronk". "Wens my girl wil so vir my pronk"
by Pronkbaby June 1, 2014
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Means "very" or "good"

Used primarily in Virginia's 11th District - compare to Philidelphia's "Jawns"
We must adopt this pronking new technology.
by Punzo April 17, 2008
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Means good or very, well at least it does in Virginias 11th district.
Would Somebody hand me a Pronk?

Not doing so would be very Pronked

Person A: Youre out of order!

Virginian: Well youre pronk of order!
by Fooliotic May 28, 2008
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