A boy defined by Gears of War, coffee, gatorade, and membership in the upper echelons of games. Can usually be found wearing baggy clothes and having a zune filled with Rihanna.
Damn Promi, why do you have lotion out everytime you listen to Rihanna?
by promi August 19, 2007
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pre-fire in counter-strike
generally occurs when one player is aorund a corner or behind a barrier, and either sees, hears, or notices a player from the opposite team on radar, moving towards their position. To gain the advantage, the player will begin firing before the opposite player is again in their sights(in the assumption that if that opposite player were to keep their same course, they would run into the 'promy', or prefire
t: turn off ur h4xx, u must be walling
ct: uhhmm noo? i heard you and you ran into my 'promy'
by munich>>(4pz10|< August 21, 2008
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To be promy is to be warm and comfortable. A sensation of contentment and comfort.
After her bed time story, Julia settled in her bed and announced she was promy and ready to go to sleep.
Julia settled under her promy blanket and went to sleep.
On a cold day, Julia sat in front of the fire and instantly felt promy.
by Julia's Mum December 19, 2013
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a very sweet boy with odd habits and good timing, trustworthy, funny and sometimes loserlike but still unique; these people are obsessed with tea.
Promi Bomi
by jenny dark January 04, 2010
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Promie is a term for people who are popular on the internet, people in online comunities like gaiaonline. Promies have a higher social status, and practically worshipped, and usually known in a particular fourm.
It orriginated from a hangout thread for the "prominant"
He is such a promie. Everyone knows him here.
by Flavored July 21, 2006
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Ahnn yeah
oh yo
that thing you dey do dey make me feel

oh promi
by quanoshika February 02, 2018
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When you spell promise wrong or make a typo.
Person 1: I promis
Person 2: Typo?
Person 1: No... How the fuck did I spell promise wrong like that? Well that's embarrassing.
by British Scum September 10, 2018
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