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(noun) A cheap whore of dalliance and delay.
Instead of paying his electricity bill, Jonathan pissed away the afternoon playing two games of ATTACK, taking a personality test on facebook, and writing a few inane definitions on What a procrastitute!
by Jonathan McConnell February 17, 2009
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The act of going on craigslist and calling a hooker to come to your place when you actually have something important you should be doing, such as studying or writing a paper.
Alex: Dude did you study for todays final?
Smegma: Nah, I was going to, but then i went on craigslist and called over a prostitute.
Orion: Haha Nice!!
Alex: Dude, your such a procrastitute.
by Darth Master Vader January 27, 2011
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A person who readily submits his/her body and mind to procrastination and hence meets deadlines without protection.
John should not be whining about flunking the course now, he should have thought about it when he was being a procrastitute while the rest of us were playing it safe.
by AinakWalaJIN October 10, 2009
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a procrastinator to the extream or someone who insults you when you cant think of a reply
stop being a procrastitute and take out the trash


your such a procrastitute
by Murphyp July 14, 2005
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(noun) - Literally, a hooker who procrastinates; Can be used to denote an actual lazy hooker or as an insult
synonyms: lazy ho, lazy hooker, etc.
As an insult: " procrastitute."

Literal meaning:

" I paid for an hour and she just sat and talked until the last 15 minutes. Whatta procrastitute!"
by N2O August 21, 2009
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