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a term used to describe the time when you should be doing homework, but you are using it to masturbate.
the math homework looked too long so i used procrastination masturbation too relieve my boredom and frusteration.
by lax1234 November 06, 2010
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The act of wasting or poorly using time in order to delay commencement or completion of an important task, duty or job by performing any other menial or cleaning task or utilising nearby equipment/tools, typically within hands reach.

Includes cleaning, watching TV, adjusting the settings of every device you own, polishing the family jewels and creating articles about phrases you intend to quote as excuses later.
Brad Pitt felt like a spot of Procrastination Masturbation, thus put Project Mayhem on hold so he could grow a beard and advertise perfume in black and white.
by Burns Crazysoft February 28, 2013
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