A Supreme Court decision in 1973 federally protecting abortion in the United States. It just got overturned a couple days ago as of now :O
"Roe V Wade just got overturned boys! Let's goo!"
"Dude just shut the f**k up!"
"No U."
by JP the ENFP June 26, 2022
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The taking of the rights from every human being with a uterus in the United States.

Many will tell women to just go to a different state to get it done, but they really shouldn't have to do that. Who are you to have control over somebody else's body? If you are so worried about it, get a vasectomy.
Person 1: Did you hear Roe v Wade got overturned?
Person 2: Yes. My reproductive organs now have less rights then a gun.
by _rbf_ June 26, 2022
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A controversial Supreme Court case stating that abortion is perfectly okay. It later got overturned in June 2022 because murdering babies is highly illegal and immoral, much to the ire of liberals.
Roe v. Wade was stupid and should have never existed.
by Someone who kinda exists August 2, 2022
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