A name for the discount clothing store Primark, derived from combining Armani with Primark to make an ironic word which indicates just how un-designery Primarky is. First heard on TV by Sugar Rush actress Olivia Hallinan.
"My student loan is in so I'm heading down to Primarni for some bargains"

"That's a nice skirt" - "Thanks, it's Primarni"
by NaomieC September 29, 2007
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an item of fasion brought from primark
i like your trousers, thanks theyre primarny
by Dan1000 July 26, 2009
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For the high street shopper who want Cat Walk Fashion @ Primark prices!
Mark Hayes from GMTV always likes to use Primarni (Primark) as one of his high street alternative to catwalk fashion.
by Tidydee October 13, 2007
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Clothes from the Primart store chain. Cheap and a little chav.
"She was dressed head to foot in Primarni"
by Lewis429 March 11, 2008
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A derogatory term for white trash, low class council estate types. Primarni refers to the discount retailer Primark and Italian designer G Armarni. It is likely that the individual to whom this term is attatched will aim for the latter but fail hard in convincing anyone they have class. Can apply to both genders and refers to those with a penchant for shiny tracksuit, fake designer wear and tacky jewlery. Male's tend to have shaved heads and generally like to think they are black. Females on the other hand can be harder to identify although if they can also be described by the terms "slag" or "rough" then it is likely this term is also applicable.
In a club in Blackpool:

Johny: Why don't you have a go on that cokehead slag over there?

Walter: Ah fuck that man, she's a bit primarni
by Modfarver February 24, 2011
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Someone who shops at Primark and primark only.
Where did you get you Tshirt from? I went to primarni
by Urbantheturban July 8, 2019
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