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When you are on an international work trip and you get so wasted that you miss your flight home.
Karl was such an idiot, we went out in Vienna and he pulled a Kelly and didn't make it home until Monday.
by KBomb October 09, 2014
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The excuse your team makes and tells your client when you are on a work trip with a team, and you had so much to drink the night before that you can't make it into work the next day with the rest of the team.
Client: Good morning. Where is Peng Peng this morning?

Team Member: Oh, she will be in later, she had a call with the Netherlands .
by KBomb August 11, 2016
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Client: Can you meet tomorrow at 10 to discuss the project.

Me: Per my previous email, I am not available tomorrow.
by KBomb February 14, 2018
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1. sparkly (see chud)
2. of or pertaining to the state of hypnokronic
3. a definition that defines three things at once
Harry got scared when his hypnokronic usage became all too real.
by KBomb April 17, 2007
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Originated from being old and having heartburn but can relate to the general aching, burning, pains, etc. associated with getting old.
Person 1: Do you have some tums and an aspirin?

Person 2: Sure. You not feeling well?

Person 3: You know, just getting old. Shit burns!
by KBomb January 20, 2017
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