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Puffed Wheat Syndrome. Applies to cereals containing said ingredient (sweetened) such as Honey Smacks or Golden Crisp. It occurs when such cereals are eaten, and when the consumer next urinates, the urine smells sweet like the cereals. This syndrome has an unknown cause (so far), but is usually (contrary to popular belief) not harmful. Similar to the effect of unusual smelling urine after eating asparagus.
I had eaten Honey Smacks earlier and later my bathroom smelled like the cereal due to PWS, making me ashamedly hungry for more.
by Laz135 August 03, 2009
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PWS is an acronym for "party with sluts".
Bro #1: "Hey man, should we hit up that party tonight?"
Bro #2: "Fuck yea bro, pws!"
by HellgatesGotSlang May 20, 2012
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Pasty White Skin - to describe someone with extremely pale/white skin.

People are more prone to PWS during the colder months where there is less sun exposure.
Self-Tan products such as Le Tan help to fight the symptoms of PWS.
Avoid PWS with Le Tan in Le Can Self-Tan
by bronzed babe May 15, 2013
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Stands for Password Stealer. A program some scriptkiddie made to look like one thing, but logs your username and password and sends it to the nub. Popular in the AIM scene, but it can be just about anywhere.
Oh man that Tameclone was a pws, I lost all my bots!
by Thirtysixway August 05, 2007
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PWS: Pockets, Wallet, Shoes. It's the once over you give yourself when a drunk street magician comes up to you and offers to show you a card trick and at first you half expect him to screw up, drop the cards and barf on you, but then he proceeds to pull off a trick that both blows your mind AND has you questioning reality for the next 45 minutes. You do the PWS once-over, 'cause if he can do that, then what else is he capable of?
Wow, that was some trick. First, PWS: pockets, wallet shoes. Check. Now, for the important question: Why is it that I can't fry an egg with my mind?
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 20, 2010
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"Urgh, I suffer from PWS"

It can be used with anyone with the last name "White" or nickname "Whitey"
by zero-beat October 14, 2010
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is an epidemic sweeping drunken girls everywhere

The girl has fornication while under the influence of alcohol and then cries afterwards because she realizes how big of a slut she is.

Sometimes the girls will even call it rape, when it isn't
"Gosh dude, I wish this wasn't so drama filled."
"Yeah, me too."
"Well if that bitch wouldn't cry due to pws we wouldn't have any problems.
by winston44 August 12, 2007
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