Pete Dick: "What you wanna do after the game?"
TP: "I wanna order another beer and watch the presser on ESPN."
Pete Dick: "Lets get a pitcher then, those guys can get long winded, especially if Shaq is playin."
by Pete Dick March 9, 2008
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Defecating onto a plate or piece of tin foil then leaving it on a door step, kitchen counter, etc.... for others to find...
Dude, I walked out this morning and someone had done The Presser on our door step last night.... Very Fucked up....
by Wincensnort April 29, 2010
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The description of a thing or process to make it seem far more complicated than it actually is.
While turning the disengaging device, pull the entire assembly toward you with a vigorous motion simultaneously moving your body out of the way. And thats how you open a door. Said Presser.
by Her-Man August 26, 2008
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When a man has the audacity to wear women's skinny jeans, he is wearing dick pressers.
"I saw this girl wearing skinny jeans but when she turned around i realized it was a dude with long hair wearing dick pressers."

"My brother stole his girlfriend's skinny jeans, and now they're dick pressers."

"I was going to borrow some of my brother's jeans, but i'll be damned if they weren't all dick pressers."
by Inmate # ZQ78674 March 2, 2013
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A person who has anxious tendencies to the point where they carry a lot of tension when they write causing them to frequently press down and chip the tips of their pencil. They feel like they hold the weight of the world on their shoulders, and it makes them anxious, nervous, and on edge during their daily life. Their handwriting is usually dark and focused as they try to stay calm while writing, but can't bear to relax.
Stop freaking about nothing Syndey you being such a pencil presser.
by kayliHkitkat November 22, 2020
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A person of great weight who exerts considerable pressure on his mattress. In vogue during Shakespeare's lifetime.
I hear king Henri was quite the bed presser.
by Dauntless December 26, 2005
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The habitance of the majority of the music students at Illinois Wesleyan University.

The social destination within Illinois Wesleyan University School of Music.

A central lower-level lounge outfitted with couches among the practice rooms of Presser Hall.

A place for music kids to mess around.

aka 'the pit'
"Where have you been all weekend?" "Presser Pit."

"I went to Presser to practice but ended up napping in the pit."

"When did you take those ridiculous photos??" "In the pit around midnight yesterday."
by vv28 November 27, 2009
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