Preps are annoying loud things who shop only at mainstream brand name stores such as hollister,listen only to mainstream music such as justin bieber,one direction,miley cyrus,nicki minaj,and other crappy pop and rap music. Preppy girls usually wear very revealing outfits such as shorts so short that they might as well be under wear,shirts that show their belly and tits (if they even have any) and they usually have fake tans which looks stupid as fuck they also wear more makeup than their actual skin and oftenly bleach their hair blond unless they are naturally blond (but there are brunette preps to). And then the guys usually wear pants lowly to show their boxers thinking it looks gangster but in reality they look retarded,they usually have snap backs and,and usually look like black wannabes. Preps are very narrow minded as they usually hate and bully people such as goths,nerds,emos,metal heads,gays and scene kids for being different than them selves preps only like mainstream due to the fact that they are brain washed by the media,the media says something is cool,prep sees,prep thinks its cool. Preps are also the most annoying,unintelligent and retarded types of people to live and are basically the down fall of society.
preppy girl1:liek omg did you see that girl shes so weird because she doesnt look and act exactly like us!.

preppy girl2:OMG! you are right lets go judge her even though we never spoken to her in our lives,and harass her even though she never caused harm to us and has nothing to do with us! preppy girl1:thats a genious idea! every one will think were cool!
"weird girl":you guys are why abortions exist.
by otaku goth thing November 10, 2013
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A weirdo who listens to mainstream music, wears the same clothes as everyone else, and uses old ass jokes.... preps are just the down fall of society, and stink like shit
that girl is a prep.... ew
by yup9287 February 07, 2018
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actually to clear things up for yall people who hate on preps, preps are just normal people who care more about the way they dress and look then your every day person. just because we shop abercrombie and american eagle and hollister and exspencive stores doesnt mean anything we just like better quallity clothes. i mean what do you want us to shop a wally world and get some 2 $ ugly ass shit that will like rip in 2 seconds? preps are alot cooler then you think, thats why all the hot guys go for them and yall are all just jealous they dont like you because you are probly scene or goth or wigger or shit like that. so yeah if you have somthign to fucking say get to no the people first. see my myspace www.myspace.com/hotter_then_your_face
see preppy
AMANDA-okay hay girlfriend trying ot hit up the mall?

EVAN-yeah girl you no it abercrombie got a new clothes line.

AMANDA-OMGzzzz are you for real i can wait, ill be over to pick you up about 2.

EVAN-how bout 230 so it gives me enough time to get ready?

AMANDA-okayy that works see you then bye.

EVAN-bye girl.

by Amanda D June 27, 2006
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