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any activity that is done with the intention of surviving after an apocalyptic event.

for example: massive stockpiling of so-called "assault" weapons and ammunition, buying enough food that last for months or years, various medical supplies including drugs (which will be one of the most valued commodities in the event of societal breakdown), installing alternative energy sources like solar, various fuel sources, hundreds of varieties of heirloom seeds (not GMO), etc...

the vast majority of the population doesn't believe such an event is possible, right now, hundreds of millions of americans take endless luxuries for granted, electricity, refrigerators, clean running water on tap, food on the shelves at the grocery store, prescriptions refills on demand, emergency response teams one call away..

this is exactly why "prepparations" are made, because when an endless mob of demoralized humans acting on survival instinct begin to use any and all means including unthinkable violence against others to secure resources, the "preppers" will be sitting pretty in their converted missile silos underground sipping wine and waiting it out..
i'm not worried about a zombie apocalypse, but what prepperations could possibly made against the plans of a psychopathic elite with unimaginable technologies fakes an alien invasion to usher in their one world government?
by conspiracy boy November 22, 2015
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