A battle where two or more friends compete to use the most instances of the words preposterous or preposterously.
"It is preposterously preposterous how preposterously preposterous this preposterously preposterous Preposterous Battle is, and it is preposterously preposterous when people say preposterous, preposterously, or preposterously preposterous in a preposterously long sentence.
by International June 24, 2013
preposterous third wheel
preposterous third nipple
preposterous third testicle

works with pretty much every third thing.
person 1: wanna come to dinner with me and my girlfriend?
person 2: no way. i dont want to be a preposterous third wheel.
by R4CHH October 10, 2007
Replacement for “weird flex but ok” because it’s overused
Random person: “I didn’t lose my virginity because I don’t take L’s.”
Me: “Preposterous boast, but alas.”
by Fresh Timbs October 29, 2018
A foolish yet sexy person between the ages of 40 and 90
That guy who robbed a store with a ballpoint pen is a preposterous pig
by The real Robert December 24, 2020