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shortened term for pre-ejaculate fluid, the filmy substance that contains sperm, ova, etc. that leaks out the penis or vagina before the orgasm during sex.
"I dunno how my bitch got pregnant! I pulled out and shot my load on her face. It must have been the prejack!"
by Lazarus Ciccone May 04, 2004
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To jack pre a sexual encounter as to prolong erection and performance.
Fap, fap, fap - I'm getting sex tonight.
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
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Clear substance which precludes sex. Often causing squigy-ness in one's shorts, leading to your hammer sticking to your gitch.
Guy: You don't have to spit baby!, just use the pre-jack!

Girl: yeah!

Girl: Shit, did you cum already!!?!?!

Guy: Naa, Girl, it's just a lil pre-jack... fap.
by Bejnay March 10, 2009
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Said to be associated with the effects of baby-batter, prejack is the state of tongue lolling mental confusion found in horny men. In contrast to its antonym postjack, prejack tends to exist pretty much all the time, except for during the ejaculatory refractory period, (within which clarity is briefly possible.) Tends to affect purchase decisions, especially in the case of jewelry, is associated with awful decision making, and is heavily exacerbated by young, limber, blonde strippers.
Prejack that seemed like a pretty good idea... spending $840 on 45 minutes worth of lap dances. Now my pants are just sticky.
by Beef Ranger September 08, 2008
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the slang term for premature ejaculation. also means to finish something rather quickly.
girl 1: i heard you had sex with your boyfriend for the first time last night.
girl 2: ya i did
girl 1: well? how was it?
girl 2:... he has pre jack
by dreadlockmamba January 11, 2011
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The act of masturbation (but not to full orgasm) such that any further stimulation will result in an instant ejaculation. A cock in this state is now considered to be prejacked. Contrast this with a limp dick or a fresh boner where it needs a certain amount of stimulation prior to ejaculation
DALE: Hey Minday, wanna fuck?
MINDY: I would, but Katie told me you prematurely ejaculate
DALE: Ohhh no fuck babe, I just prejacked myself sometimes
by _GHOST December 06, 2010
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