To order and pay for something before it's intended release date to guarantee a copy for you. Most stores will reserve a copy for that person upon its actual release, while others will only guarantee you to get one while it is in stock, but will not charge you since you've already paid. Online retailers will order at least the number pre ordered, and some will ship them to you in anticipation of delivery on it's release date.

The current world record for pre orders is Halo 2, sitting at around 20 million copies. This beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's record that was held since 1998.
John wanted a copy of Halo 2, and wanted one so bad that he wanted a copy guaranteed to him before it came out. He then went online, pre ordered a copy, and had one shipped to him when the game came out 4 months later.
by BeanoJosh March 9, 2008
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somethign that only a fagget would do. A big waste of money. A bigger waste of money then paying murph to strip for you.
Alex: ok SETH.
Murph. damn what a hot person to say such an amazing insult like that i mus bow down in awe to him.
by - July 29, 2004
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pre order is to be in high school the thinking a girl/guy is hot but they are in elementary school. so when they get to high school then you shall date him/her. you cannot date them while they are in elementary school. therefore you pre ordered him/her
ohh bro she’s hot imma pre order her
by the coin collector November 3, 2019
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The newest way of fast food places (especially McDonald's) to try to get you to buy food that you don't want or need. When you get to the drive-thru ordering spot (with the menu and all), they "greet" you with "Hi, would you like to try a nice Cappuccino today?". Of course, you think this is a person that is ready to take your order. Instead, when you're in the middle of saying your order, you get "Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?", or "Sorry - can you repeat that?". This is just like going inside and when you reach the counter, the person says that crap to you, and walks away. I find it ridiculous.
Me: *Drives up to the drive-thru*
Speaker: "Hi, would you like to try a nice Cappuccino today?"
Me: Yeah, hi, can I get your #9 3-Piece meal?
Actual Person: Sorry, can you repeat that?
Me: *Hot steam coming from ears* Yeah, can I get your #9 3-Piece meal?
Actual Person: Please drive up.
Me: *Wonders how much cash to pull out* How much is it?
Actual Person: Uh....$6.16.
Me: *Wonders why I'm not greeted nicely, not told the cost of how much I need to pay, or why I never even got thanked for placing my order and doing business with them*

Seriously, this pre ordering crap sucks.
by izcool August 22, 2009
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To order something before you want it, as distinct from after you want it.

(cf. "pre-prepare")
"Pre-order your Christmas turkey now. Don't wait until Boxing Day."
by Urban-Joe November 20, 2012
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The act of purchasing a video game or software before it's actually released; often to gain some slight reward, easter egg or advantage when eventually playing the game itself.

The term was coined by the software vendors, and literally represents an impossible act, since what you are doing is actually regular ordering, with real money. The correct definition of what you are doing is "post getting".
"I had a spare $50 lying around, so I pre-ordered Moons Over Mars so my character would have the g-string of death. Had I waited for 3 weeks post-release; I would have only paid 19.50"
by Al Capella September 21, 2011
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A Pre-Order Relationship is a relationship which you and your significant other aren't really dating until a certain time or scheduled.
Yeah Elizabeth and I have that Pre-Order Relationship. How long until your Pre-Order relationship deadline.
by Poorboi72 December 29, 2017
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