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1. A really smart guy
2.He will grow up and be really rich
2.He's really good at science
by Science_Ninja June 14, 2016
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Sexy Mofo will steal ur bitch in a sec

Most fucked up nose you'll ever see biggest cock ever
Daruis:Damn have u seen my sister

Top:oh ya she is bout to hop on prathams dick
Darius: yes my nephew will be big like his father
by John-air August 05, 2016
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A fuckboy with low I.Q. and terrible skills at basketball in IRL. Also has a bad habit of calling out to Bin Laden and calling his friends Terrism. Also he participates in 7 hour long orgies with his cousin Rooshie and MeSavage.
God this guy is as racist as Pratham. Who'd want to be like that guy.
by PrathamisTerrism May 20, 2017
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A guy who thinks he's super cool and has a lot of friends, but in reality only hangs out with people of the opposite gender. He also thinks he can call people to fight for him, but since he is such a loner people wont even clean his toilet
Ew....there goes a Pratham.....Lets stay away from him
by PrivateWolf April 03, 2019
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