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the sri lankan sensation.. usually has more than one mistress. and commonly found taking drugs at block parties.
let's go to the toilet and smoke the prashan pipe
by lankan August 10, 2006
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going without others; sad and alone. and Having no companions; lonesome or lonely.
So sad in Indonesian and Alone in Indian.
you are too introverted and lonesome, better change your name as Prashan.
by Proud Indian Legend May 16, 2009
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(Adjective) A monkey like person, A very gay person, usually covered in hair. A loner. Ugly.

Also known as someone who lives with his parents till he's 45.
The kind of person you like making fun of.
Has No friends, lives in a jungle, usually with tarzan but also looks blacker than he should for a monkey of his size.
When he gets sad he dreams of what he would look like if he were Hitler.
1. That guy is hairy, i think he's a prashan.
2. That guy needs a shave hez becoming like prashan
3. He has no friends, soon he'll turn out like prashan.
4. That guy is climbing a tree just like prashan would.
by the urban dictionary advisors September 05, 2009
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