l33t-version of the word porn.
|-|3'/ dud3, 1 ju5t d/l\'3d 50m3 5VV33t Pr0|\| m4|\|!
by Winter March 06, 2005
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The slang used by underage ubernerds to avoid the embarrising circumstance of their mother walking in to find her son downloading files apon files of the material on kazaa.
ie: (mum) says: tim! whats this your downloding? (tim) says: oh um its nothing mum just a new band thats out yano PR0N "people really overeat now" just some newage stuff mum. (mum) says: er right fine then but could your clean up this mess PLEASE?

(close one tim.)
by blaqueroze June 27, 2004
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Porn that is specifically obtained or viewed on a computer. A DVD tape of fucking is NOT pr0n. An MPEG of the same people fucking viewed on your PC is pr0n.
I got some great pr0n off of LimeWire.
by 1001010100101001 February 05, 2008
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1)the only thing the internet is really good for.. that and music.

2) the way geeks say "porn". cause they cant get laid even with porn stars. and they gotta change the word so that their mommys wouldnt know they're lookin at it..
"j0 m4n i'm h4xx0r l337. i cant get laid so i just wack off to pr0n.."
by neo-kaneida October 02, 2003
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The term for pornography most commonly used by people who are too young to be accessing it.
5w33t! I f0und t3h u53rn@me & p@55w0rd f0r a m@d pr0n s!t3
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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