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stands for: party on (with) women of world -- a potentially large gathering of party people, sometimes mostly women.
dude: are you coming to the party?
chica: will there be any other women there?
dude: are you kidding me, it's going to be a regular powow!
by kanewp February 17, 2013
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Pronunciation: Pow Wow

Prisoner of WoW aka World of Warcraft.

What my friends have become after being subjected to this game.

An addict to the game WoW. They usually feed their hunger late into the nights screaming at each other for not aggroing that creep while it attacked him. Also see halucinogens

A drug abused by kids who think Stitches is their mortal enemy and killing a guy 36 levels higher than them makes them the Right Hand of God.
"Dakota~~!~@!#@$#!shiftone!~@~! fucking wow, help me this guy aggroed me and you stood there!!~!@ like wow"

"Is it me or does Jordan just naturally look good in a 2 piece bathing suit?"
by Tony June 07, 2005
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