Jameel is a truly amazing person to know. He is a gift to any person if you have him in your life. He is honest and brave and one of a kind.
Look for Jameel to have in your life and do not let him go.
He will love you and look after you. He is as fresh as the most aromatic scent from anywhere in this world. He is a friend for life and a love you will never let go.
Jameel is so special but so modest. Your lucky even if you know a Jameel
by JamJam7979 April 6, 2021
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Someone who is a savage . A Jameel is able to steal your girl and marry your mom at the same time . Jameel's are known to be good looking and athletic .
Dude: hey you know Jameel ?
Dude2 : Yah , he stole my Sarah and married my mom 😭
by sowhatsip May 19, 2015
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An Arab name translating it literally means "beautiful" in Arab
Guy 1- hey did you see that kid Jameel?

Guy 2-oh yeah that kid's name means beautiful in Arab

Guy 1-damn thats cool

Guy 2-yeah I wish my name was Jameel
by THA POKEMAN MASTER November 12, 2009
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A good looking boy who is often known to be athletic and dirty minded. A Jameel will be a great boyfriend in a relationship but is a manwhore outside of one.
Girl 1:did you see that touchdown?

Girl 2: I bet his name is jameel
by Hater714 July 10, 2017
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The most attractive guy on the planet.

A threat to all relationships because of his breath-takinglly attractive looks. Jameel's love dogs, kids, cars, and God. They respect women and work hard in all circumstances. In short, they're basically husband material.
I need a Jameel in my life, she said
by Issy17 May 16, 2021
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Jameel is a person who goes with a girl name Reagan💔 usually quiet Jameel stays to himself and does not being told what 2 do jameel can easily make people want to talk to him.He brings a certain vibe that makee other people want to be around him he is also signed under a label THEYWATCHING.ENT and he also goes by the name Adonis has a godchild.Named August and loves the word 4L and if I didnt mention he goes with reagan
Did u see Jameel o yeah that guy who goes with Reagan u know she happy😋
by 4LCTK November 17, 2019
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A stupid, arrogant, narcissistic and self-opinionated person who victimizes themselves and does bad things and hate the consequences
I was ok with her speaking to me until she acted like a 'jameel'
by DryReply March 7, 2019
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