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Increase in average temperature of Earth since the mid twentieth century and it's continuation. Temperatures have been rising for a few decades now and if idiots continue to pretend it doesn't exist then they'll cause all of humanity to learn the hard way.

The reason Global Warming is an undesirable thing is primarily because it is melting the polar ice caps and raising sea levels. Contrary to popular belief, HUMANS CANNOT BREATHE UNDER WATER, hence we cannot let temperatures rise enough to melt such an amount of ice that'll end up flooding most of the land that we live on and force us to cram in to even less space than what we live in now. Combine that with exploding population rates (Set to triple from 1950-2050, oh joy.) and you have a recipe for disaster.

Of course, anything that's this logical is obviously denied by people. For example, in the US the majority of the Republican party deny it's existence; not because they actually believe in it not existing, but because its generally a rule of thumb for them to disagree with anything their opposition says.

Another funny example could include Britain, where the government raised car tax to encourage people to cycle, carpool, take the bus, etc. This was done to reduce emissions, primarily because 40% of all car rides were less than two miles long. But, as usual, this was met with huge backlashes because people would rather have future generations live in an obliterated world then pay a bit more money.
Global Warming sucks. Too bad large parts of humanity are too retarded to understand it. It's funny, future generations will look back at us and wonder why we stood by and did nothing.
by 5449 December 08, 2009

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Australian-born Publisher, Journalist, Activist and former computer hacker.

He gained worldwide attention when he released documents via Wikileaks exposing the corruption of corporations and various governments. Essentially, he let the people know the truth.

Although he gained many followers, he also gained many critics. The most common critique was that he was endangering lives. As usual, these allegations were false and not one instance has been recorded whereby someone has been hurt due to Assange's releases.
The only people criticising Julian Assange for telling us the truth are politicians who have been bought by corporations or blind followers of said bought politicians!
by 5449 April 01, 2011

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The incorrect way to pronounce "pwned". The actual way to pronounce it is "pawned", as the O is being REPLACED by the P, as opposed to being latched on to the front of the word.
Guy 1: You got powned!
Guy 2: It's pawned or pwned..
by 5449 June 02, 2009

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