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1) An alternate to 'motherfucker' to the impersonal; more accurately directed at inanimate objects and situations, whereas motherfucker is generally reserved for person-to-person communications.
2) A dire situation or circumstance.
3) Short for 'the mother of all bitches'.
God that test was a MOTHER-BITCH!

Mother-bitch! It's raining AGAIN.

Hand me the bat, Johnny. I'm going to teach that motherbitch a lesson he'll never forget.
by Blaine April 03, 2003
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Similar to "Mother fucker", the term Mother Bitches is usually used to convey frustration over a spontaneous problem.
Mother bitches! Why won't my car start?
by Bpasty September 30, 2010
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A girl with such an attitude, that she has alot of enemies. Use everyone to their own advantage and treat their friends like crap, usually a perfetic loser who thinks to be better then others...
She is not just a bitch, she is the bitch of all bitches. She's the mother bitch...

What did she say? ...that mother bitch !!!
by Anonymous JohnnyG May 08, 2009
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