1) An alternate to 'motherfucker' to the impersonal; more accurately directed at inanimate objects and situations, whereas motherfucker is generally reserved for person-to-person communications.
2) A dire situation or circumstance.
3) Short for 'the mother of all bitches'.
God that test was a MOTHER-BITCH!

Mother-bitch! It's raining AGAIN.

Hand me the bat, Johnny. I'm going to teach that motherbitch a lesson he'll never forget.
by Blaine April 4, 2003
The largest breed of a bitch, much like the queen ant
D00d did u c wat that gurl did 2 me? I wuz gunna smack that motherbitch!
by Jameis January 30, 2003
one who is not dignified to be a motherfucker. a term pioneered by GDMFSOB
by Yall December 14, 2005
A term of endearment in the snarky cross stitch community used by the operators of Steotch to address the many stitchers of their annual Steotchalong.
Em: Get ready, motherbitches. It's going to get wild.
Motherbitches: *Cheering*
by BlackKaliJa August 19, 2019
It's like motherfucker, but a nice term.
It was originated by Chandler Longbons when she was describing someone.
by oOKenKenOo March 2, 2009
Another word for "trick", "bitch", etc.
Often followed by a hand movement. Point the index finger and act like you are tapping a button quickly without bending your finger. Just a flick of the wrist.

You've got it!
by GHETTOYEEEAH November 26, 2010