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cocaine, in powder form not "rock", or crack cocaine.
You want some coke? rock or powder?
by lode June 06, 2004
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1. Slang term for cocaine

2. Slang term for light, dry, newly fallen snow

3. (verb) To apply powder to something.

4. A roguelike developed specifically for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. It has since been ported to various platforms.
1. Don't give that bum anything, look at that powder under his nose.

2. That powder is perfect for snowboarding

3. Women often take advantage of bathroom breaks to powder their nose.

4. I thought NetHack was hard until I played POWDER.
by RogueEffect May 16, 2009
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Cocaine or any other similar drug.
"Do you have the powder?"
by Dave January 14, 2004
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An overly white caucasian male. However, this is no ordinary pale white male oh no, this young man tends to appear to glow when you turn out the lights, due to his abnormally pale complexion causing such a vast contrast to his darken surroundings. In fact, it has been said that as long as he is in the harbor, there is no need for a light house, just simply strap a lifejacket on him and let him float.
Hey man, this club seems offly bright in here tonight, oh nevermind, didn't realize Powder was in the room.
by Mr.miagi May 15, 2012
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A pasty white girl or guy. Pretty much the closest thing to Albino Name comes from the movie powder.
Holy shit Bill, look at that kid. Bill:
Hey Powder! That mofo looks like a giant q-tip.
by JonnyC February 22, 2005
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Sometimes used to describe laundry detergent powder. Which is like any other type of powder. It is snorted throught the nose and gives you intense head aches. After snorting the powder you must wash out your nose so it dosent get infected or anything. The only reason people do this is because it smells like mountains and flowers.
Man, my mom just left! Lets hit up the powder. It's in my laundry room.
by NoneOfYoBiznazz March 19, 2005
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