Poured it down means pouring down your love to the person you're having sex with.
"Yeah, last night I totally (poured it down) with Tom"
by LOL kitty kat April 18, 2017
When someone on the internet starts being salty towards another person for no reason, criticizes everything that person does, challenges them especially by saying they’re better than them.
Guy 1: Check this screenshot of an awesome thing I made in *random video game*
Guy 2: Sheesh! That’s super cool
Guy 3: Don’t say sheesh nerd, no one says that anymore. And I’m better than you are in that game, Guy 1
Guy 1: Jeez retard, stop pouring salt down my neck
by BidensLaptop August 12, 2021
another one of those scam-spam things
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by literally just a bicycle September 7, 2021