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DNAIDS is what you get after taking the COVID vaccine. It goes into your DNA, then gives you aids as it contains a small sample of sperm.
Guy 1: Hey guys, I just got my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination!
Guy 2: Oh no! Now you have DNAIDS, dumbass.
by BidensLaptop April 7, 2022
The amazing text mostly used by fans of former streamer CodComedyTJ, The o being a black man's head and the / being a noose,
TJ: It's another night of Omegle trolling for us!
Fans in the live chat: o/
by BidensLaptop April 7, 2022
ihbc: wod has meaning
retraos: it means nothing
by BidensLaptop April 7, 2022
When someone on the internet starts being salty towards another person for no reason, criticizes everything that person does, challenges them especially by saying they’re better than them.
Guy 1: Check this screenshot of an awesome thing I made in *random video game*
Guy 2: Sheesh! That’s super cool
Guy 3: Don’t say sheesh nerd, no one says that anymore. And I’m better than you are in that game, Guy 1
Guy 1: Jeez retard, stop pouring salt down my neck
by BidensLaptop August 12, 2021