Getting humped without being wet and him not using lube
Guy a: did you hook up with Stephanie?
Guy b: Yeah dude, she got fucking dry pounded!
by shamefuldaddy August 17, 2017
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14.7 ounces.
She asked for a pound, but she was such a bitch I gave her a cunt pound.
by Cranberry Jenkins January 11, 2016
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Da Pound is a nickname for the city of El Dorado, Arkansas. Residents of this city are referred to as “Pound Baby’s.”
I’m from the 870, you know, Da Pound.
by Dapound870 May 26, 2021
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A Dawg Pound Is A Place Where Heroin (Dawg Food) Is Sold
Heroin Addict: Man you know where I can score some dawg food?

The Lil Homie: Yeah try the dawg pound up the street! They stackin dawg food
by Real_Hood_Terms July 03, 2020
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The largest most massive single turd imaginable, along the size and shape of a very big fish. Its so big, it sticks out of the water.
Dang it Bob, you left a five pound trout in the toilet without flushing it down. If you want everyone to see your masterpieces, send them to the Louvre!
by IFSATG March 26, 2021
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Watching some Dr. Phil, drinking wine, and Flower Pounding is the definition of a productive Friday night.
by Sean Murry November 28, 2018
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