Military slang; Derives from the acronym POG, or Personnel Other than Grunt. Used to describe Military members of the non-infantry professions.
Wear Gore-tex? What a pouge!
by Pinecon April 10, 2005
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Within elite, or hardcore (wannabe or not) combat units, solders who shirk hard tasks.

Quit being such a pouge and carry the pig (M-60 machine gun).
by Eric Culp January 14, 2007
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a word used by marines and sometimes army infantry to discribe anyone that isnt a marine or an infantryman. also can be used as a putdown to anyone who sucks and could never be a marine or an infantryman, or someone that sucks at HALO.
fuckin pouge ass panty waste! go suck on your moms tit!
by Kevin Miller April 1, 2005
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A dream teen life/a family of friends. Iykyk, if you dont watch the show. P.S. jj is the best.
Oh look theres the pouges, fighting the kooks again.
by pougelandia December 31, 2022
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someone in the military who "stays in the rear with the gear" and doesn't do any fighting while deployed. Usually the guy at the bar with the most crazy untrue war stories.
Pouges are Cooks, finance clerks, most of the air force, and any desk jockey.
by RTJM27 February 4, 2010
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A word that sprung up in a fit of boredom on a hot summers day, in a rage of insanity.

Basically it means dickhead, idiot, smacktard, bogan, and any other insulting term you can think of, that's generally male orientated.
by PuGZoR January 13, 2005
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often used as an antecedent to the word douche

a belittling term
Matt: whatsup pougely
Andrew: whatup my pougelydouche
Matt: touche
by Andrew December 24, 2003
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