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1) The dried crusty mucus secretion left in girls and women's undergarments, usually resulting from excessive stimulation of the vaginal area. Also known as "clitty litter".
2) A sissified boy who is afraid of getting hurt and will run away from confrontation.
see also - pussy, wussy, chicken shit
You should'a seen all the panty waste Mary left in her panties after I finger banged her.
by cunninglinguist April 25, 2005
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The colored stains and biological debri that accumulate in a girls panties over a period of time. Used as a term to describe someone worthless and undesireable.
Jesse Jackson is a total pantywaste.
by MW November 25, 2003
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A weak male born with a great deal of female traits but with just enough male traits to get him into the boys locker room.
My friend Brian prances around the locker room like a freakin 'Panty Waste', he must be a โ€˜Dabblerโ€™.

by cRAZY kooT August 28, 2002
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Panty *waist*, idiot. It meansy pansy, sissy, wuss, etc. Implies you wear women's underwear.
You're a wimp, you freakin' panty-waist
by Hiltz November 01, 2004
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1.) excrement that is found in used panties.

2.) A useless, spineless person.
1.) Ewww I had to wash my panties because I had so much panty waste from my period.

2.) Don is such a panty waste.
by pantiesarecool March 09, 2005
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