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A big queer, who like to eat penis
yo this pottle is fucking whack
by stephen pottle November 02, 2004
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A person that is cute, little and adorable.

Specifically a sweet, brown eyed, brunette girl that is little and very cute.

Personification of the term pottle in the sense the person is small and full of cuteness and adorableness and 'lilness.

A Pottles also has large talons!!
P1: Dude your girlfriend is hot!!
P2: Yeah, shes Pottles!
by Precious (NZ) April 25, 2006
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a cup shaped container that you can buy filled with hot chips
could i please have a pottle of chips
by baretis September 04, 2011
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a shortened version of the phrase 'That's the pot calling the kettle black', originating in bristol mid 2004.
Used when someone is being hypocritical.
'That's the pottle.'
by Bert February 14, 2005
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A proclamation of having caught someone's error after bringing that error to the creator's attention
P1 The rx5 is awesome because it's got a rotary engine.
P2 Don't you mean the rx8?
P1 Oh, right.
P2 Pottle!
by Me404 July 12, 2008
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