used to describe a good characteristic of something, especially in the case of weed.
dude, this weed is like sooooooooooo potash.
by A Thousand June 21, 2003
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Another term for a womans vaginal hair, especially if trimmed neatly. Also see Pohawk.

Alternative meaning: An asshole at Eden.
Dude, that chick had a sweet potash, it smelled like peaches and looked the the infield at yankee staduim.
by Dee-N-Dee May 14, 2003
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another form of calling someone a complete homosexual,or just plain out being a full blown herb.
Jesse: Hey wanna go for a ride in my red buggie singing to elton john?
Tom: Jesse stop being such a potash, you know im not gay.
by Herbasaurus Rex November 25, 2006
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used as a statement or exclamation meaning awesome or cool. also an adjective meaning awesome or cool
Man that was one potash ride.
by Jake Dillon April 09, 2003
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A guy who gets a blowjob in the back of a bus from an ugly, stinky nigger.
Potash is really fucking gay.
by Natalie Mathews December 19, 2004
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1. The ash left behind by pot after you've smoked it.

2. The remnants of a pot after it has been heated enough to change it's appearance.

3. The act of ashing a cigarette, cigar, joint, human remains or anything that leaves behind ashes when consumed by flame, into a pot or a bag of pot.
1. That pot ash I just blew out o my bowl burned a hole in the couch.

2. It sucks my kitchen caught fire, but at least I got this neat glob o pot ash to play with!

3. When Becky emptied the urn containing her father in laws ashes into her mother in law Sue's batch of chili, she pulled of one of the biggest pot ashes in history.
by pseudonymouslyarriffic January 27, 2011
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