The best violent game ever created (by RWS). Banned in 13 countries for alleged cruelty, when it is really just awesome dark humor accompanied by action. Name derived from expression "to go Postal" which means to go crazy/ shoot people up.
"Man, I just played Postal the other night... no, NOT on my PC, that's why I am in jail, you retard!"

by Very Evil Person February 02, 2008
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Post an overwhelming series of updates, links or photos to Facebook, Twitter, or the like.
Holy shit, Jennifer must have dumped Eric! He's totally gone postal with Smiths songs. Jesus!
by joseph_junior August 30, 2011
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The UK postal system is, like just about everything else in the UK after the socialist/communist/annarchist revolution here (not to mention the privatisation of the postal system courtesy of some money-minded old Tory crook), the laughing stock of the world. Important parcels and letters frequently go missing. I must have lost thousands of pounds worth of goods in the post in the last seven years, and it's not really surprising given that the postal workers of today don't seem to care a fig about their customers. Last year, for example, I was out when a parcel was delivered, so the parcel was returned to the depot. But, instead of making a record of it, the postman involved had simply thrown it in some storage warehouse and nobody knew where it was. It was only through persistence that it didn't join the other items which seem to be gone forever. Whilst I was in the depot, there was a woman complaining about a postman who'd forced a parcel of hers through her letterbox and, as a result, the contents of it (photos) had all been bent out of shape. I'm forever getting complaints from irate people who've never received the cheques I've sent. One of my Dad's friends used to be a postal worker and apparently, when the sacks of letters are emptied, there's always a few left behind which are disregarded. Smaller post offices are constantly being closed as centralisation takes over. You might as well just put your letter in a bottle and throw it in the nearest river.
Seller: "Where's my cheque gone?"
Buyer: "I sent it three weeks ago, but unfortunately I was stupid enough to trust the UK's postal system, so it's probably in the bin by now".
by Stormsworder November 23, 2006
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When office workers get fed up with shuffling paper on their bottoms all day.
Mac, the copywriter, got tired with the guff from upstairs and went Postal.
by Mad Dan (Leicester) May 25, 2015
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adj. Refers to an address outside (often well outside) a city's limits which can still receive mail addressed to that city.
I hear Dave lives in Decatur also - is he close to you?

Not really. Dave lives out in postal Decatur; I live downtown.
by Mach Turtle June 12, 2013
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