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The feeling you get after you've come down from your high.

This, in relation to marijuana, is usually a very mild happiness, and very rare. Mostly achieved once you've been very high, or just gotten high for the first time. It's usually accompanied by a very easy going sense of perception.
Man, it's been hours since I got high, but I'm still feeling really good.

Yeah, that's post high.
by roksar May 30, 2009
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Another way of calling someone conceited, snobby or uppity. Describes someone who believes they are better than someone else. There's a verse from Black Moon's "Who Got Da Props" that uses the term:

"See I paid my dues, now you can't tell me nothing
This is dedicated to the ones who kept fronting
The ones who tried to diss and post high? Oh no
Just 'cause you had low, see now I got dough
Abbott: Hey, look at my new Mercedes. Sure beats that hooptie you drive around in.
Costello: Oh, so you tryin' to post high, like you all that? We both know yo' ass is on food stamps!
by not for nothing August 28, 2018
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