The most caring, compassionate, and amazing girl in the world. She is never too loud, and is always able to tell when it's appropriate to have a sense of humor. She is never down, and is always giving off good, positive energy. It doesn't hurt that she's amazingly beautiful either.
"Who's that that just made your day?"
"Oh, that's Susannah"
by Davihomie October 6, 2013
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Meaning Lilly of the Valley.

Effortlessly Beautiful. A Graceful Dancer.

Flawless Beauty Shines Bright and Draws People Close.

Wisdom and Grace she gives to her Friends who Adore her but Revenge to those who are Cruel and Diserving more then they Bargained for.

Loyal, Honest, Strong, Confident, Bright and True. You can always count one her.

A sister, A mother, A Friend, A Lover. She is all these and more.

If you gain her Love never loose it or it will be lost Forever.
I wish I was a Susannah

That flower is such a Susannah

All the men want to be with a Susannah

Yesterday's Audrey Hepburn is Today's Susannah
by MessyMarvin October 16, 2013
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She is a kind girl with a heart of gold. You ar so incredibly lucky to meet a girl like her. She is very loving and has it good with the guys. She is very nice to her friends and will come at you if you do anything to hurt them. She is an artist. If you meet a Susannah, be warned. She is feisty. She is very adventurous. She likes to play around with her friends.
Susannah is amazing.
I love Susannah’s new haircut
by Lamplamp1 January 3, 2019
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A Susannah is a perfect definition of what a woman should be. Susannahs usually have blonde or light colored hair, either dyed or natural. Susannahs usually have amazing personalities and are very sensitive to other peoples feelings. Also their great taste in music makes them highly desirable women. If you date a Susannah, consider yourself lucky, because you might not get the honor again.
Susannah is beautiful
by Batman June 27, 2017
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The most perfect girl in the world. She is

adorable,ambitious,angelical,beautiful,brave,breathtaking,bright,caring,compassionate,courageous,dedicated,eager to show people they're loved,fearless,forgiving,funny,gentle,heartwarming,honest,kindhearted,lovely,loyal,openminded,radiant,stunning,understanding,warmth and friendliness,worthy and so much more.
She has no flaw and her soul is kindest most welcoming soul in the world.
Someone: who's the most amazing girl in the world?
The world: Susannah
by Martasundays August 24, 2019
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She's a fucking backstabbing little bitch. Shes a two faced whore that doesn't care about anyone but herself. She's someone who will do whatever it takes to make it to the top. Downright bitch.
"Little bitch. She's pulling a Susannah alright"
by Someone thats been through eno February 26, 2018
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A susannah is a girl who has sneaky hands. She finds time for sexual incounters at every opportunity, even with her busy schedule. Just call for a good time guaranteed.
Guy: I need some fun but I've got so much work
Guy: oh you need a susannah

Guy: Why is the desk moving in biology?
Girl: it must be susannah
by Therapy badgers November 13, 2016
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