when someone posts something on your Facebook wall and exercises their ability to remove it before you read it. the catch or "sighting"... if you will, is when the post appears in your notifications providing footage of some sort of parasocial activity.
me: hey Post Ghost what was too embarrassing to leave on my wall? or did you just want to let your presence be known?lol
msg sent 02/09/2012

post ghost: haha really? when was that? whats new?
msg sent 10/04/2014
by kyle pro February 6, 2012
When you post something somewhere but don't stick around for the reception. Make it quick comment somewhere and keep it moving.
My bad, I was working. Too long didn't read. I had to post and ghost. Was that the answer you were looking for?
by Real life Cookie Monster September 7, 2018
(n) an entry posted to urbandictionary.com with a strong editorial slant that mysteriously never appears on the website
Despite having received confirmation of my definition for "one-termer" and a message that the definition will appear in the next 24 hours, it never does. Considering the level of incoherent gibberish that does get posted, one has to wonder how my entry became a ghost post. Can an entry be posted, recommended for deletion, voted on, and deleted in less than 48 hours? I seriously doubt it.

(Chances are you won't see this definition either.)
by fduck January 12, 2004
When someone posts on your facebook wall but deletes it, yet you are still left with a notification that this person posted on your wall.
Man, I hate it when my friends leave ghost post on my wall.
by TheOneAndOnlyRaytatay April 11, 2011
Social media posts written for a brand by a dedicated writer and not by a salaried employee of the company.
Who has the time to update social media? I have a company to run, and I don't want to hire someone for $30K+ a year. Let's just ghost post it. So easy, it's scary.
by puresurplus April 26, 2011
Deleting your post on social media not long after you posted it.
"Jenny posted a rant about you on her wall earlier but then deleted it, fucking ghost poster.."
by iwriteoneverything January 26, 2018
When you ghost the girl your fucking after you bust a nut because you got what you wanted and you don’t need her anymore
After we fucked he likes to play games like post nut ghosting me because the sex was that good
by shanemulveyloverxoxo69420 November 8, 2019