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The description of a man you see with an odd shaped stature with no neck at all appearing to have just a head and body for example ...Barbie dolls boyfriend Ken Doll is neckless.He has no neck he is all head body and all muscle.where the head sits stiffly on its shoulders without neck length or gap
Not necessarily touched with the ugly stick
Went to karaoke saturday night and saw a neckless bloke at the pub...he was neckless all body and no neck!
by munyuck October 12, 2008

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Females who text long and meaningful text messages all the time without any slang,knows all the short cuts and doesn't make mistakes.Knows how to use the enter next line button and uses capital letters.Texts you back so quick there is never any textpectation
2 reliable prompt precise texter with great detail.
1.The text queen just sent me a message before i could write back.
2.This message looks long and interesting I know it's from the Text Queen.
3.Fullstops and complete sentences you are such a text queen.
by munyuck October 05, 2008

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Tab Abuse is when you are cross referecing information on the internet ,but are really engrossed when you find more info.You intend to come back to read that page.you start opening more tabs, multitasking tabs until you have so many open your internet explorer encounters a problem needs to shut down and you loose them all at once.
"WOW look at the bottom of my pc screen! There are so many tabs open that they have shortened in length to double over themselves."I think I have a problem,I am using tab abuse again,I have become tab abuser."
by munyuck February 02, 2009

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To ruin someones joy or good fortune.
as in someone trying to slander or ruin a good situation or event for you.
It can be used as expression anytime somebody reacts in a negative way to your good luck or situation.
She was jealous i had a new hot boyfriend...she lied and told him that i was sleeping around behind his back,she was just trying to poo poo it for me.
by munyuck October 12, 2008

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The only sicko man standing in the womans section at the supermarket,pretending to be looking at something else, but you catch his trained eyes sideways perving on your approach to the tampon/pad shelving.Once eye contact has been made,he usually takes a few steps away from the vicinity ,discreetly trying to blend in with his shopping journey.These tampon stalkers can also be found in the ladies underwear section with their wives, but easily spotted ,by glancing at your handpicked choices when she is not looking.
I had to duck and weave in the sanitary isle today,another Tampon Stalker was there.Just when i had a moments choice to make my selection there was another pair of eyes at the other end of the isle guarding the shelves.
by Munyuck February 02, 2009

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A pair of womens legs with fat thighs and skinny ankles
cellulite and skankles all in one
I've seen celluliteand chunky dimples and thunderthighs but that is the biggest pair of chicken drumsticks i have ever seen
by munyuck February 02, 2009

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A very young or underage child or teenager who is pregnant.They are still a child themselves expecting a child
You are over 21 ,strolling through the shops in the cheap end of town and see a baby bump on a teenage girl no more than 13 or 15 years old and you quietly think to yourself "well there's another babyhavingababy"
by munyuck February 02, 2009

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